If you're a huge fan of Mr. Anderson's work then this visual essay is a must watch. "The video illuminates the deep layers to the director's works, examining how the themes of melancholy, emotional boundaries, responsibility, and bonds can be found in his young characters." - André-Naquian Wheeler. Analysis of films like (my personal favorite) Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums.

"Little girls in Wes Anderson films feel the burden of a developed mind and small stature," says Brubaker, this statement followed by an unsettling length of Anderson-esque silence before he continues. "Adults never dismiss children's questions, speak with condescension, or dumb down what they say. This reflects Anderson's belief that children are perceptive and inherently wise."


Watch The Childhood Whimsy of Wes Anderson below:


raison d'être

pine was the first sensation I ever felt.
I remember,
my first day of school I was so afraid.
I had recently moved,
the people spoke Spanish and I could barely talk English.
our free time was to be spent at the playground,
the playground.
a fence surrounding the playground,
pine on the other side peeking through,
softly demanding for its presence to be known.
I drifted to them.
I rubbed my nose up against the branches,
I could smell birth, mine to be precise.
I felt the frill, the delicacy,
I heard the pine hold my hand,
touch my heart,
pine didn't speak English, 
pine surprisingly didn't even speak Spanish,
pine spoke in rustles and hums,
In silence so full you understand.
pine said silence was a friend, a friend who had a lot to say but not in words, no foolish words.
My cries watered the pine,
The pine grew.
Pine dressed in green
I'm drenched in green.  
- t.f.


my thoughts...


im not delicate.


softness, stilness


. these are strengths untold.


i've healed.

it's true. possible, to live two lives in one.


sing, dance. i don't want to be by myself anymore.

a travel day 




4 hour delay, 3 hour flight, 6 bottles of artificial lemonade later I arrived to Newark. All cozy for the thunderstorm in my super shmanzy Apartamento sweater.

played on repeat:

airplane read: just kids by patti smith

outfit day 1: 

anthropology dress

prada boots

breakfast: epistrophy

the rest of my day was spent skipping through gramercy and bryant. i bought beautiful lilies yet since i don't actually live in the city i ended up giving them to this grumpy looking woman at cafe dante. she ended up crying, mumbling to herself and smiling. then i ran into an obese pitbul named lucy, i think we were buddies in another life. yet most of my time was spent at cafe grumpy in chelsea reading oscar wilde's; the picture of dorian gray. a saucy quote from the book:

the warm air seemed laden with spices...
pg. 114
- oscar wilde

pre cafe grumpy i stumbled across a bookshop called alabasters bookshop run by a cute old couple...i got seven books, including the picture of dorian grey (i ended up having to fed ex them...my carry on was the size of a darn pea.)

dinner: ate take out thai with tasha (my sister)

ended up falling asleep at midnight in anxiousness for the day to come

or because of the union square roar....either or.

my drawings



art tip:

draw with your eyes closed.

let go of your senses.

darkness leads us to things more beautiful.




apple sauce?


handsome man





faces untitled