SALT Skincare & Lifestyle Store

SALT Skincare is all about mother nature and the resources she offers. SALT is all vegan and paragon free which gives a more natural healthy glow. They do body scrubs in different forms and sea salt sprays, so if you want the ultimate mermaid look they are you're match! Click the photo to check them out!

Bly Design Jewelry

Eco friendly handmade jewelry based in Asheville, NC. For as they quote the "Urban Goddess", geometric fits with colorful little stones so of course click the photo to check out their website!

Negative Underwear Label

Negative Underwear is a label for the ladies who aren't afraid of a basic sexy undergarment. Beiges to reptile prints, N.U is all about bringing out your figure ( no matter what your figure is; flat chested, hips, no hips). For playful yet provocative lady. Click the photo to check out the website!

Oscar Wylee Eyewear

Oscar Wylee is an Aussie brand that designs optical glasses and sunglasses, for a low price yet has HD quality. Designed to give a vintage feel; clean cut forms and fall colors make up this brand. Click the picture to check out the website!