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Denude Magazine is an independent printed publication for the honest, intelligent and thoughtful woman. With a modern minalmislistic approach at style, authentic and whole conversations with the woman of today, highlighting cherished products, I present to you Denude's approach on the timeless woman and what they have to say....


How did denude magazine begin?

Denude Magazine began out of my own belief that the fashion media wasn’t serving a segment of the fashion industry that I wanted to see in a magazine. I wanted to see pieces about and interviews with brands and women that I knew nothing about, fashion designers that were authentic and beautiful and thinkers who were caring and honest. The talent I saw in magazines were determined by social followings. Denude Magazine began as a quiet alternative to this, away from any hype of what is ‘new or cool’ – I don’t believe in hype, I believe in talent and women that create because that is what they love doing, it’s what they believe in and it’s what they want to tell the world. I find that is what betters the fashion industry. I like consideration.

Do you have a schedule or routine when writing articles or generally working on the magazine?

We don’t’ share online articles or writing, which is a conscious decision – many magazine outlets have a stream of infinite content online, and it is not necessary. We do not need to be constantly buying clothes or items to enjoy fashion – which is what mainstream (sponsored by adverts) magazines tell and sell us. Therefore, Denude Magazine take the approach that when ideas are fully formed for the magazine (it has been since its inception one copy a year), that the magazine will be made. Denude is always on my mind – how I can make the magazine better, how the next issue can be our best and how we can incorporate as many incredible women and ideas as possible into 250 pages.



What are the messages or ideas you like to platform towards the magazine's audience?

Denude communicates primarily a message of slow fashion – highlighting women within the industry who communicate unique and considered messages. The message we put to our audience is that fashion should be an enjoyable part of our lives, and that we shouldn’t feel it necessary to buy a countless number of clothes, because not only is it damaging to the environment, it is not necessary to buy more to be stylish. Adding to the wardrobe over a slow amount of time, considering what we buy, and what it means is very important to us – we want to make people think. We question industry leaders, upcoming designers and artists about why they create their work - and what they want women to feel like upon wearing their clothes or pieces and even what they want women to feel when they look at their work (artwork). I want Denude to communicate to its reader that being thoughtful is beautiful and that learning about what surrounds fashion is important. We inform readers of the behind the scenes work that women are creating. We communicate that intelligence is sexy - that is of the utmost importance to us. The Denude woman is strong, thoughtful and uncompromised. We want her to feel like she is growing with Denude.



If Denude Magazine could describe a woman in 6 words….


Considered, intelligent, beautiful, honest, subtle and sexy.


What concepts have been influencing you lately?

Many things, but for the next part of Denude, we have been looking to:


Many, many things. On a conceptual level, scent is inspiring to me - what it means to us, how it evokes the most beautiful memories, and helps us to create memories that align with our senses in a certain moment. On this level, I also find the process of becoming something other than what we are inspiring, challenging ourselves to create, become and explore a different part of ourselves – whether this through trying a new look, or by realising what we are meant to be doing and discovering who we should surround ourselves with. All of this is related to originality, becoming who we are meant to be and doing what we were born to do.


In a more literal sense, the colours beige and brown have been of influence to me. As well as vintage clothes from the 1980s, the work of Ellsworth Kelly and Judy McKie. I have also been looking to past and modern jewellery makers, particularly of signet rings and their shapes. The concept of new French romanticism and sexiness is also inspiring me, I am looking to the wave of new French it girls, that are redefining what it means to be sexy. This sexiness inspires me – sexiness that is pared down.


I am a romantic too, so love always inspires me – seeing modern couples communicating, and how another person can influence the way we dress and who we can become. I am interested in human interaction, and why that is so important in everyday life.



A favorite scent? (At this moment in time or an all time)

Diptyque’s Oud Palao, Tom Ford’s Fleur de Chine, as well as the smell of fresh roses in water.


A photoshoot essential?

Vintage shoes! Particularly French vintage shoes.

What are some key items we should be wearing this season?

Key items:


A.P.C.’s Hiver 87 T-shirt.

A grey box fit blazer – Sandro do the most fantastic blazers.

Vintage 90s Gucci sandals, or a pair of vintage high heeled sandals in gold or green.

Levi’s 501 jeans, cut just above the ankle.

A gold man’s Darwin bracelet, even better if borrowed from your boyfriend.

Signet rings – one on each hand.

A classic Hermès belt or a statement black and gold belt.

Vintage dresses of a three quarter length, in a flirtatious pattern.

A bodysuit from The Bodysuit of Barcelona.

An Isabel Marant bomber, for the days you want to feel effortless.

Realisation Par’s Bianca in navy and white.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 5.50.17 PM.png

What can we look forward to seeing with denude in the near or far future?

Denude is at the moment looking to work that is created with timelessness in mind, as we always do. Mostly the work we are considering for the next issue works with clean lines and simple patterns involved. I am currently fascinated by the many women I see on the Internet and around me who are carving careers based on taste and curation. With these two things in mind, our next issue is going to be our most special yet, as it’ll be an issue released at a time when we are very ready to put the idea of refinement equalling taste forward. The next issue will be sophisticated and it’ll be an issue that’s made when Denude is at its strongest. Our next issue is coming within the next year, but it’s more than an issue, that’s why it is taking longer to form. In the far future, Denude will still be with me, and I very much hope it’ll be with the women who read it too. Denude means to strip something of its covering, possessions, or assets, therefore in the future we will always try to decode what style is at that very moment in time.


Thank you Laurie Clémence for the lovely interview!


Tatiana Farkas