paloma wool


Barcelona based designer/artist Paloma Wool gives us insight on her innovative process...


What lead you to start the Paloma Wool store?

My parents created the brand @nicethingspalomas 25 years ago, I grew up with it. My parents supported I start my own brand but it wasnt clear to me how i wanted to approach my own project until i started connecting my love for photography and my curiosity in art with fashion.


Who is the woman who wears Paloma Wool?

I believe she’s a women who appreciates a story behind what she is wearing.

What are some necessities you need around you while designing?

We have all these glass jars full of colourful fabrics we have been collecting for years. They are my go to. 
I also like to have a bag of nuts around :)

If you could choose one person to design a collection with who would it be?

Simon Porte Jacquemus or Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni)


Tatiana Farkas