I found Sally through Instagram a while ago and I couldn't believe the wonderful vibes I got by scrolling through her pictures. Sally is the definition of a Nature Baby. I aspire to reach her level of openness, mindfulness, and loving aura. Being that she is so inspirational to me I decided to interview her and sooo here it is!

If you could choose a top 10 list of where you've traveled too, which ones would you choose?

Oh man haha actually half of them would be in Australia, I spent a year traveling around my own beautiful land and was blown away-

Esperance WA Australia

Jarvis bay NSW Australia

Margaret River WA Australia

Fraser Island Australia

Wilson prom VIC Australia


Sri Lanka


New Zealand's South Island


The list goes on...


What would you like to be doing in five years?

I want to teach people how to be happy :)

I want to see as much of this world as I can and I want to create beautiful wonderful things

Through your photographs I can get the vibe you live a healthy lifestyle? If so what are some essentials in that lifestyle?

Your health is your wealth. I spend equal amount of my day on my body, mind and soul. I'm awake at 5am to watch the sunrise and asleep by 10pm most nights, in between I'm doing yoga, running, surfing, swimming and creating :)



I can see that you’re into the bohemian style, what would be your top 5 brands?


I love vintage to be honest, I shop at op shops, alter my clothes and most of my

Outfits have been sourced from my travels. I have kick arse African vests, Indian saris and band shirts from Japan.




I saw some of your art, how do you describe your art style? & what mediums are you're favorite?


Hehe it's all a bit crazy, this question get asked a lot but it's actually different every time. I'm in a world of my own when I paint and sometimes I follow a bit of a style but it's really just wild creative and random. It's definitely abstract and is inspired by the landscapes I have seen.