Cristalina Parra


Cristalina has been my friend for the pat 7 1/2 years, i've seen her grow into this incredible all around artist. A true gypsy. With some mad projects coming up she is one to eye! So i've decided to share her:) Here the Interview 








If you could tell a little bit about your background.


Im chilean, very proudly. I love my country and all that entails. Growing up, I had a very artistic shaping. My mom is an actress, now a teacher and my dad a musician. My Grandfather a poet, my aunt an architect and musician, and so on. Math was never my thing in school, still isn't. I’ve always loved writing, doodling, thinking and learning.



Your work feels almost scripturally boorish, with this unneeded need for space - yet incredibly sharp. Where does your inspiration originate from?


My inspiration comes from everything around me, the faces I see in the street and never get to know, the people I know like the palm of my hand, the view that wakes me up in the morning, my loving mom, my friends, my cat, my teachers. My teachers. I think I already said this but I really like learning, it’s really entertaining for me to get out of my comfort zone, feel ignorant. My inspiration comes many times from that feeling of ignorance and curiosity. My urge to not be ignorant.



What are your favorite things about living in South America?

The people and the landscape. Latinoamerica is what it is because of the people and where the people are. Culture lives within us and we make it everyday. That culture wouldn't be the same without the geographic placement in which we find ourselves. To understand human behavior, I have come to learn, one must understand their geographical context. What makes Chile is its mountain and ocean for example. The spirit of the latin american never stops amazing me too. The latin woman specially, the strength behind them and the pride that they have for everything theirs. I just love it, and love calling myself south american.



If you could tell a little about your philosophy on general style, beauty and well being. Where do you find a balance in a healthy lifestyle- from eating a certain amount to workouts?


My philosophy is no particular philosophy. The way I live is right for me but might not be for the person sitting next to me. We need to find a recipe that works for us as individuals, and even then it might fluctuate from time to time. There just has to be some sort of balance. You are what you eat. You are what you wear. You are what you say. You are what you do. You are the energy that you give out. Just keep that in mind and figure out what you want to project to the world. Move on from there.

What are some products you swear by?

I'm pretty sure the only product that is constant in my life is my toothpaste. Oh, and body cream.  Always brush your teeth Always stay moisturized.. But besides that, whatever you want works. Honestly, I've never been big on cosmetics, I never really learnt how to put makeup on my face too well. To keep my skin clear I drink loads of tea and water, eat well and workout. But other than that I have failed to keep a constant routine when it comes to cosmetics.



I know you’ve talked a lot to me about having various avocations. What would be the ones you spend more age on?

I've come to realize that learning is my thing. I love being a student. I like going to class. Also, I love doing my art. Those are the two things I now spend most of my time on. Learning and growing as an artist.  

Who has played the biggest role in your blooming youth?


My mom. I love her. She is my rock, she supports me on everything and knows everything about me. She made me who I am, taught me all what I know. My grandfather played a real big role in my life when I was really young too. I learned how to speak with him and my love for words was born because of him. I lived in a house with my mom, dad and grandfather until I was about 5. My love for spanish and my country also comes from there.



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