July 7th was spent visiting some Nordic artistry at the Kiasma museum, with it's architecture I felt like I was in some sort of contemporary Aeon Flux playground. Kiasma is an intense experience for anyone who finds haven in extreme art, yet amazes anyone who sets foot in the museum. Think - large foiled hot pink winged pig that inflates and deflates every 5 seconds, reflecting its color onto the white walls. Think - a medium sized square shaped room with a Native American Chief chanting ancient language through a minuscule screen, with the words bouncing throughout the room. The art had me reeling; the pieces inside Kiasma are actually apart of our everyday lives, yet we are more attentive to said art when displayed in a glorified manner (letting us see it as some sort of individual.) Personally the pieces caused me to feel sort of delusionized. Apart from Kiasma, I ventured of to a local chocolate cafe (Fazer), acquainted myself with a finish Topshop like brand called Monki, and of course returned to my chocolate cravings at a small coffee shop conquering some finish hot coco. Day one concluded.


My sister's friend who is a local here gave me some insight on the Finns; apparently pda is frowned upon here in Helsinki (or I think she said Finland in general), also to never go to a Chinese nail salon because the employees are involved with human trafficking (the girl's mom works with these sort of cases so i'm not talking bullshit), apparently Finland and most Nordic countries are trying to ban smoking cigarettes to all, lastly to finish of the small lesson I received; most Finns are incredibly awkward and cannot hold eye contact.