Photographer: Tatiana Farkas

Location: Paris, France

Chanel's RTW Fall 2016 Collection couldn't have been more laid back. No, there was no luxurious Zen garden. Yet I felt is was way more luxurious and intimate that any of his other sets. Everyone sat front row. Now that is something I look forward to during these usual fashion weeks, doing something innovative and personal with you're audience. I couldn't get enough of  the doused shades of pink over his classic tweed mixed with 80'ish denim, plus the Chanel emoji charms that were worn in the necklaces. I have to say my favorite part was how he infused an equestrian feel, with the riding boots to the khaki mackintoshes. During most of his shows I often don't feel the legendary Coco Chanel in his designs, but this collection opened some old doors for me (in a fabulous way.)