An accessory that found its origins in sports wear, now a worldwide trending headpiece.  From Korea to Bali, you can see the visor making a subtle yet grand advent. They vary from leather with exaggerated seams to visors inspired by space travel - what I adore most about this trend is everyone making this style their own, draping it with mesh or adding animated patches. Adding a line straight across your hairline to add symmetry, which according to science is beauty. Bugs also seem to be impacting the ornaments of this hat as well. Some add tiny horns, giving them an element of geometry. An element that bugs seem to pertain to in general. Honestly the best places to find these sorts of visors would be at your local boutique shop, Nike (Adidas, Billionaire Boy's Club, etc), high end concept stores (ex - Atelier in New York), or just head over to an Urban Outfitters - they usually have anything you could think of. Wether you're going out for coffee with some co workers or headed over to the green market a visor will always add some balance and pop to your outfit. Do as you please with this headgear, because the whole purpose of this trend is to match it to your daily (minimalist, sporty, spunky) character.