Fine lines, slightly swayed lines, non-figurative shapes, figurative forms, minimalism is a repetitive fashion, mimicking shapes and lines in a clean cut format. When looking at Minimalistic style, you often notice the architecture of our bodies seems to shine through even though at times box like shapes and these straight figurations tend to make us look out of form. When in reality, we are only playing with the form, permitting certain parts of the body to be highlighted. What draws me too this style is also the play between feminine and masculine characterizations blending to create an almost feminine conservative look. I say conservative due to the traditional aspects of this style. Between slight modern details being added to the mix yet always keeping that timeless, traditional feel. Not to mention common pieces for the average minimalist can include a pant suit (covered) with a a tank top (revealing skin,) a wrap dress (maybe with a detailed slit on the side or a low neckline, playing between conservative with a modern twist.) 

I'll end this piece of writing with something I've been coming to terms with; in general, you don't tend to see many 17 years olds who dress as minimalists who are more on the conservative side, yet keeping that airy, open feel. That is me though; I'm that (what seems to be rare) 17 year old. And it can be uncomfortable but its who I feel most comfortable being. I've gone through several style phases; this one seems to have stuck. And I just seem to find that precious. Maybe the way I described minimalistic style is different or maybe not-so-true in all cases yet this is my point of view towards this fashion. I find there to be a balance between comfortable and uncomfortable with anything you wear, or maybe that's just me again. I'll end this by saying, wear who you see, feel, envision yourself as; your moods, your love, your values, and you will have a life long worthy success.