Knocking on the door of Vogue Chile’s editor Bernie Braun at 11 am is the first thing I can remember...she lived in what seemed like a modern cottage, I ended up falling in love with her neighborhood (which is where we ended up shooting.) I met the team of 3, including Berni Braun herself. Tomas Meerson the photographer for the shoot who was born and raised (and works) in Santiago, Chile, and finally, the makeup/hair stylist Berni Maria also born and raised (and works) in Santiago. I got the sweetest team. I sat down to do my makeup (which wasn’t much since the whole point was to capture me) and hair, by Berni Maria who now works for Nars as a freelance artist, so she was telling me about all their new products. Then Berni Braun and I got to talking about the art around her home. She has the loveliest pieces hanging on her walls, I told her, I am an artist. I told her about my technique of shutting my eyes when I draw, just let my feelings take over. Next thing I know I'm sitting on the floor with a paper and marker doing my thing. The sorta just stared at me. I got Berni on the floor with her dog Anna Wintour and we drew together. She promised the drawing would end up hanging in her kid's room!


I ended up putting on two of my own designs, a deep blue tunic with some long high waisted pants, all eco-friendly. Tomas lead us down the streets where I was able to let loose and just play around with my environment. I got to add my input in how I posed and played, which was sweet. Pulling my hair, jumping in circles, dancing, high fiving people on the street. On the way back to the house me and the photographer Tomas had a conversation about his life as a photographer in Chile and how his dream is to go to New York…we eventually reached Berni’s home, I took off my makeup and left with big hugs and kisses. My Vogue shoot was anything but boring, that day will forever be in my heart, soul, mind, and spirit.

Tatiana Farkas